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    ClipClop has its production plants in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia. We imported Injet printer, Cutting Plotter, Modeling Plotter and 3D Printer machines from Japan to satisfy various customer demands and enables the in-house manufacturing of various products to enhance production efficiency and product quality, the increased productivity brought by these products allows us to fulfill large-volume orders in short delivery times.

    Supplier Audits

    Supplier Audits ensure your supplier is ethical and adheres to local and international labor laws and working conditions as well as environmental standards. Audits can include factory adherence to safety standards as well as security.

    Product Inspections

    Save time and money. Avoid costly defects and delays. Product Inspections ensure your product meets your specifications and quality standards. Inspections help you determine the need to issue corrective actions before any products leave the factory.

    Product Testing

    Ensure your products are in compliance with your standards. Regulatory and Safety Testing verifies conformance to design, properties, performance, reliability and lifecycle. Test new products or to correct quality issues.

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