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    A Professional Gift Maker Since 2003

    We are a gift company formerly known as PEPH (H.K.) Ltd., a leading gifting company with more than 200 global clients and 40 Forbes 500 clients, including insurance, bank, automobile, consumer electronics, sportswear, beverage, fashion, jewelry, education, government agency, and corporate in Hong Kong, APAC, Middle East, Europe, and North America.

    CLIPCLOP - an online store for personal and corporate gifts - is our recent move that started in 2015, in respond to the change to the raising needs of the market for a more versatile solution - faster, customizable, on-demand, and online. We have expanded our product lines to provide not only products but also service at customer’s finger tip, with more options for on-the-go and protective accessories for digital device and person-data securities.

    Our gift solutions cover Business Essentials, Travel Necessities, Life-style Wannabes, Personalized Gifts, Social Media Shareable, CRM Rewards, Event Gifts, Employee Engagement, and Sales Promotion.



    We are the 1st gift platform in Hong Kong to provide online bulk order-taking feature.


    We are the 1st Hong Kong gift platform that provide self-help design feature for marketers or users to customize their design.


    We are the 1st gift platform to provide design templates for professional needs.


    We are the 1st gift platform to provide transparent pricing for direct order to saved your time from quotation.


    We have partnered with S.F. Express & Kerry Logistics to offer to you global warehousing & distribution.


    We want our customers to be happy, each time. Join us as a member and enjoy the benefits - branded gifts, rewards, and services, be our selected customer and enjoy more!