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    No worries anymore - we help you store your gifts and deliver them in batches

    In executing a trade event, promotion or in any other significant scenarios, storage is one of the major concern for every company when ordering a great amount of goods. If you don’t want a bulk of bags occupying over half of your warehouse, yet, making multiple orders mean you would have to spend extra. CLIPCLOP is just offering you a smarter way to tackle this struggle.

    Before proceeding to payment, you can remark your preference in ‘Delivery methods’, say you would like to order a total amount of goods for three events, which are scheduled to be held seasonal. At CLIPLOP, you don’t need to make three different orders in this case, just let us know how you would like to schedule dates of delivery, so all goods will be distributed at the right time and right place without additional shipping charges! With this service, you will never need to worry on keeping a large batch of goods.

    How long will my order be ready?
    We provide In-Stock and Pre-order order service, depends on the types of gifts, the time might be a bit different.
    Stock Type Lead Time
    In Stock 1-2 weeks
    Made to Order 3-4 weeks
    What is the estimated arrival time?
    Depends on different destinations, your gifts may be transported by Air & Truck if you are in Asia countries, otherwise we will ship your gifts by ship unless specified.
    Shipping Method Logistic Provider Estimated Arrival Time
    By Truck (HK/MO) SF Express 3-5 working days
    Kerry Logistics 3-5 working days
    Janco Logistics 3-5 working days
    By Air (Asia Countries) SF Express 3-10 working days
    Hong Kong Post-Speed Post 3-10 working days
    By Ship (All Countries) DHL 3-10 working days
    Cargo-Partner Logistics 20-45 working days
    Check out details of our delivery service at: