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    Gift & Social Media

    A brand new way to enhance marketing activities with interactive elements and social media. Promotions are done in an engaging way to maximize branding and social media exposure. The intelligent vending machines can be programmed to dispense gifts/products when users post photos to their social media account using your #hashtag.

    Retailer and Shopping Mall Redemption

    It can be a CRM device to manage and deliver gifts & coupons. You can provide customized offer and track customer behavior . The intelligent vending machine touch screen accommodates your creativity to use mini games/QR code to entertain customers and enhance in-store experience.

    Event Experience & Engagement

    An intelligent vending machine is a platform for your brand to interact with audience , generate leads and leverage the social media presence. Incorporating event management with technology can boost attendee engagement at events. The machine provides customer demographic data, while also helping you monitor content and offer insights for lead generation and advertising.

    Gift Redemption Service Driving Foot Traffic to Your Stores

    Customers can redeem gift from online campaigns in our intelligent vending machine in store or other selected spots. Gift redemptions drive traffic to stores and shopping centers. Incremental sales opportunities will be generated with the foot traffic.

    Intelligent Gift Station

    We understand that customer is waiting to see what gift can be at the next event. While the gift is crucial, the way of sharing a gift is equally important as well. Innovative gift stations get your customers share with each other and offer a great chance for sales and brand interaction. We use interactive experience, member subscription, customized reward gift, and more to bring customers closer to your brand.

    We provides:

    1. Planning
    2. Interactive Games
    3. Onsite Support & Maintenance
    4. Custom Program Development
    5. Gift Fulfillment
    6. 4G Wifi Connection

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