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    Brand Collaborations

    Artist all have their own way of being charming, both in their artwork and characters. We enjoy working with artist a lot - they always surprise you in different ways.

    Bring art to brands and refresh how people know a brand is an interesting experience, to remind people what a brand values, and how a brand embrace the differences of their customers and showing that care is something we want to be of help.

    Art has always been related to space, where it can make an impact and interact people in real life. Often you see people love an art installation, take a selfie and share to friends and family, a joyful message to spread and make lives happier, that’s where we can be of help. We facilitate cooperation between brands, property managment, and original works of art, artistic design, copyright licensing, art space customization, art derivatives development, and art marketing.

    Featured Artists

    CEET is well-known for his graffiti art, originally from France. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for the last 14 years. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. He is a prolific muralist, works mostly with spray paint, acrylic paints and ink for his canvases when dipicting his iconic “Chicanos” Chickens. Since 2003, he’s been very active in China with diverse exhibitions, events and artistic performances. Advertising agencies and lifestyle brands also call on his talent and he has been an art ambassador to global brands such as Adidas, Airbus, Ecko, Loewe, Moiselle, and Prada.

    Cyril Phan, born in 1969, is a famous French graffiti artist known widely as “Kongo”. He is a self-taught artist and after years of practice, he has become one of the leading graffiti artists in the field of commercial contemporary art. In 2012, Kongo collaborated with the French luxury brand Hermes to develop a series of fashion products, among which the scarf collections have achieved great renown. The colorful design of these collections helped transformed socially un-accepted graffiti into a trend. Upon the invitation of the famous watch brand Richard Mille, he has developed a hand- painted limited-edition watch, the price of which has reached as high as 8 million RMB per watch.

    Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes is a street artist from Spain, people like to call him “BELIN”. His realistic post-neocubism style is actually an homage to Pablo Picasso. Because of his profound drawing skills and unique creativity, his artworks become popular among graffiti enthusiasts and art collectors. BELIN opens up a whole new art perspective with his fusion of Surrealism and Cubist colors. He has also produced different commissioned works for Los Angeles actors, Spainish football players, musicians and companies such as Dockers, Carhatt and Sephora, as well as Kat von D.

    Vanessa Teodoro is a famous illustrator and street artist from Lisbon, Portugal. Her works incorporate complex graphic patterns and image elements and have a strong sense of contrast which render all her works beautiful and humorous in a disorderly fashion. At the same time, she is also talented for creating art out of daily necessities, which makes you realize that art is right around you. Having dedicated herself exclusively to her art since 2008, she has worked with numerous renowned international brands, including: Canon, Coach, IKEA, Lacoste, PUMA.

    The American artist Rebecca successfully transformed from an international teacher to a full- time artist over the course of a few years while living in Shenzhen. As a talented artist, she is obsessed with the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and applies unique ink painting techniques. Her detailed vision accurately captures the charm of people and animals through their eyes. From canvas to wall murals, Rebecca has made continuous breakthroughs in her art exploration journey. Her works are very popular at art exhibitions in Jakarta, 80 Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

    Wang ChunJie, a well-known Chinese curator, ha sworked as the Chief Curator of Baolong Art Museum, Curator of the Shanghai Himalayas Museum, the Chairman of the Visual Art Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, and the Dean of the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University. Besides making great contributions to the promotion of art, he is also an outstanding artist exhibiting in Asia. His works often reflect heated social events or phenomena and he uses his art as a language to express contemporary ideas.


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