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    How does CLIPCLOP's affiliate program monetize?

    Marilyn owns a website that introduce marketing gift ideas, and she want to make income with it. She then registered to the program and become an affiliate. From a selection of suggested display type, attractive advertising media, and special promotions, Marilyn decide to apply Text-Link and Suggested Product to her page - just best suit to her “17 Event Gift Ideas for This Summer” article.

    Andrew is sitting in front of his office computer, searching, in hope to find some inspirations and new gifts for the coming event happening in 3 weeks, then he found Marilyn’s article and likes it. While he’s clicking the Text-Linked keywords and Suggested Products to see if there’s an immediately applicable product, he found one gift that fits well. The link he clicked redirected him to CLIPCLOP online store, where he decides to make the purchase.

    Marilyn, therefore, earn the commission on the purchase Andrew has made. She then decide to promoted it with her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and even send to friends by Whatsapp as well.

    What are the steps if I want to take part?

    1. Apply to CLIPCLOP affiliate partner program with our Portal.
    2. We will then review the application and accept you on to our program.
    3. Choose from our selection of advertising media and select the best that suits your target audience.
    4. Integrate the media onto your website, we will be glad to assist you if you have any problem.
    5. All set and ready to make money!